WhatsApp Download for Laptop – Windows 7,8,10 [3 Methods]


WhatsApp download for laptop: Hey Guys, Welcome to WP Kaka.This time I am back with WhatsApp download for laptop windows 7 or Windows 8 or Windows 10 or any other windows version. I will guide you how to download WhatsApp on laptop in three methods which are very easy. So simply follow the below steps and learn WhatsApp download for laptop.

About WhatsApp

Whatsapp is a mobile messaging app which is widely used all over the world and it is available is on almost every mobile device which let you use the internet. For laptop/PC users WhatsApp has launched WhatsApp web, which can be used with the help of Laptop/PC browser and it also launched WhatsApp software later, which can also be used without any browser.

Some facts about WhatsApp

  1. It has more than 1 Billion active users per day
  2. More than 1.3 Billion monthly active users per month
  3. People send more than 55 Billion messages per day
  4. WhatsApp supports 60+ languages
  5. More than 4.5 billion images are shared per day
  6. Also, 1 billion videos are shared per day on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Download for Laptop or PC

If you want WhatsApp download for laptop then you have 3 method where two methods are official methods and one method is unofficial. All the 3 methods are listed below. You can use any of these methods to download WhatsApp on laptop without any problem.

  1. Use WhatsApp via Web
  2. Use WhatsApp via Official software
  3. Use WhatsApp via Android Emulator (Bluestacks/NOX App Player/Any other)

First of all, I will explain how to use WhatsApp on the laptop with the help of android emulator so that the other 2 methods will become easy for you.

WhatsApp Download for Laptop – METHOD 1

WhatsApp Download for laptop with the help of Android Emulator

There are many android emulators available online through which you can install and use any of the Android app or android game on your laptop/PC. but in this download WhatsApp on laptop guide, I will use NOX App player which is my favorite and suggest you use the same. If you don’t have any android emulator already installed on your laptop. It has many features which are not available on any other Android emulator.

  • First of all download the nox app player from the official website on your laptop


  • After downloading the software simply install on your laptop and open the NOX app player.
Nox app player
Nox app player loading
  • It will take few seconds for loading and after loading you will see the Android interface as shown in the image below
Nox app player interface
interface of nox app player
  • Now you can directly download the WhatsApp from play store but you need to login to the play store account.Or you can simply download the WhatsApp APK on your laptop and drag and drop to Nox app player. You can choose the way you want.
nox app player with whatsapp
WhatsApp on nox app player
  • After installing WhatsApp messenger on NOX app player you need to register with your phone number.
whatsapp registration in nox app player
WhatsApp registration in laptop with the help of nox app player
  • Simply enter your mobile number and verify with OTP.
  • Once you have successfully verified your WhatsApp messenger account on your laptop you can start using it Like you use your WhatsApp on your mobile phone.

Advantages of nox app player Method

  • You don’t need to register your account once registered
  • This method is very much useful if you are dual sim user
  • Don’t have to scan the barcode.. like other two official methods
  • No disconnection like the two official methods
  • If you don’t have WhatsApp supported phone then this is the best method to use WhatsApp

Disadvantages of nox app player:

If you are single sim user then you have to register every time you convert from mobile to laptop and laptop to mobile. so, in this case, it’s better to use the official methods

WhatsApp Download for Laptop – Method 2:

WhatsApp Download for Laptop with the help of WhatsApp Software

WhatsApp software is similar to the WhatsApp web but you don’t need to open your browser every time. instead, you have to download the WhatsApp software which is available on official website. So simply follow the steps and learn how to use WhatsApp software

  • First of all download the WhatsApp software from the official website

Download WhatsApp Software

whatsapp software download for laptop
Download WhatsApp software on laptop
  • After downloading it, Simply install the software and open it.
    whatsapp software
    whatsapp barcode
  • Now go to your mobile WhatsApp application and click on the 3dots which are on the top right corner of your mobile screen
  • You will find many options there. Select the option called “WhatsApp Web”
    Now you need to scan the barcode from your mobile.
    That’s it. in few seconds you will see your WhatsApp account on the software

Advantages of WhatsApp software

  • You don’t have to use the browser
  • No verification is required
  • You have to scan the barcode to use WhatsApp on laptop with the help of software

Disadvantages of WhatsApp software

  • Sometimes it will make you irritate by showing connecting
  • You will get disconnected frequently
  • sometimes your mobile will not be able to scan the barcode from the software
  • Have to scan barcode if you click log out on your mobile
  • Sometimes it will not connect

WhatsApp Download for Laptop – Method 3:

Use WhatsApp on laptop with the help of Whatsapp Web

Before WhatsApp has created software this was one of the best ways to use WhatsApp on laptop/PC. If you are not interested to download WhatsApp software or Nox app player which are more then 100+ MB then I suggest you to go for this.

Here you don’t need to download any software all you have to do is simply open your browser to use WhatsApp. without wasting any time simply follow the below steps and learn how to use WhatsApp web with the help of browser

WhatsApp web for laptopThis is similar to WhatsApp software. but you don’t have to download any software.

  • First of all, open your web browser and open the WhatsApp web link which is given below

WhatsApp Web

  • Now after visiting the WhatsApp web link from your laptop, You will see a barcode.
Download WhatsApp for laptop
WhatsApp Web
  • You need to scan that barcode from your mobile to use WhatsApp on the laptop.
  • So simply click on the 3dot> select WhatsApp web and scan the WhatsApp barcode.
    WhatsApp web option
  • Once you scanned the code You will be able to see all the chat list on your WhatsApp web.
  • That’s it. You have successfully learned how to download & Use WhatsApp on laptop/PC
WhatsApp Download for Laptop Conclusion:

In the above 3 methods if you have dual sim then I would suggest you go for NOX app player method and if you don’t have dual sim then I would recommend using the official method. but official methods are lil headache which always leads to the disconnect. If you have any problem regarding this three method then simply comment. Feel free to share your experience about this “WhatsApp Download for Laptop”


can I use Whatsapp on my laptop


how to use WhatsApp on laptop without bluestacks or Nox App Player

you can use WhatsApp without out bluestacks or Nox app player. Simply follow our 2 & 3rd Method.

how to use WhatsApp on laptop without phone

Simply follow the first method to use WhatsApp on laptop without phone. The second & 3rd method needs phone

how to use WhatsApp on laptop windows 7

Not just windows 7. our above 3 methods work on all the windows version. simply follow the steps carefully.

how to install WhatsApp on laptop

You can follow any of the above methods to install whatsapp on laptop


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