WhatsApp Bold, Italic & Strikethrough text formatting


WhatsApp bold, italic strikethrough text formatting: Hey Guys, Welcome back to WP Kaka again. This time I am back with another WhatsApp tutorial where you will learn how to send WhatsApp bold text, WhatsApp Italic text, WhatsApp Strikethrough text. So simply follow the below steps and learn how to send the modified text. This method work for all the devices like Android, IOS, Windows, Windows PC and any other device which supports WhatsApp.

How to make WhatsApp Text formating – Bold, Italic & Strikethrough

WhatsApp text formating

WhatsApp bold text

Goto your WhatsApp account and add * mark at the starting and ending of the text to get WhatsApp bold text. for example, check the below step.

If you are sending the WhatsApp bold text then you need to add *WhatsApp Bold Text* to make the text bold.

*WhatsApp Bold Text* = WhatsApp Bold Text

WhatsApp Italic Text

before to make WhatsApp bold text you have added the * mark at the end and beginning of the text but now you need to add _ (underscore) symbol ad the beginning & end of the text to make the WhatsApp italic text

For example, If you want to send the WhatsApp italic text then add _WhatsApp Italic Text_ then the output will be WhatsApp italic text

_WhatsApp Italic Text_ = WhatsApp Italic Text

WhatsApp Strikethrough Text

Now again to make the WhatsApp strikethrough text we need to add another symbol at the end of the text and at the beginning. the symbol is ~. this should be added to make the WhatsApp strikethrough text.

For example, to get WhatsApp strikethrough text we should add ~WhatsApp strikethrough text~ then it will become strikethrough. You can see below or in the image as well.

~WhatApp Strikethrough Text~ = WhatsApp Strikethrough Text

WhatsApp Bold Italic Text

This time for bold come italic we should add 2 – 2 symbols ad the end as well as at the end. for bold we used * and for italic, we used _

So, first of all, we should make the text bold *WhatsApp bold italic text* after making the text bold then we should add _ to make the bold text into WhatsApp bold italic text.

For example, we have to add _*whatsap bold italic text*_ to make the text WhatsAapp bold italic text

_*WhatsApp Bold Italic Text*_ = WhatsApp Bold Italic Text

WhatsApp Bold Italic Strikethrough Text

before we made bold italic text now I will explain how to make bold italic strikethrough text. I think till now you have understood how to make the text bold, italic and strikethrough now we need to add them all together to make the WhatsApp bold italic strikethrough text. so simply follow the below steps and learn.

  • First of all, we have to make the text bold so we will add *WhatsApp Bold Text*
  • After that, we have to make the bold text italic so we should add _*WhatsApp bold italic Text*_
  • Now after making it bold italic, we should make it strikethrough so we will add strike though symbol – ~_*WhatsApp Bold Italic strikethrough Text*_~

~_*WhatsApp Bold Italic Strikethrough*_~ = WhatsApp Bold Italic Strikethrough Text

WhatsApp Bold strikethrough Text

Till now I hope you have learned the concept of WhatsApp text formatting. so I think you have you have understood how to make the WhatsApp bold strikethrough text. anyhow I will explain how to make the WhatsApp bold strikethrough text.

First, make the text bold then after make that bold text strikethrough for example

*WhatsApp Bold Text* then add ~ at the end then it will be like ~*WhatsApp Bold StrikeThrough*~

~_*WhatsApp Bold Strikethrough Text*_~ = WhatsApp Bold Strikethrough Text

WhatsApp Italic Strikethrough Text

Now we will add make the text WhatsApp italic strikethrough text. for that first, we have to make the text italic then after we have to make the text strikethrough

So first make add _whatsapp italic text_ then after make it italic strikethrough like ~_whatsapp italic strikethrough text_~

_~WhatsApp Italic Strikethrough text_~ = WhatsApp Italic Strikethrough Text


This is how you can decorate your WhatsApp text. Make sure you don’t make any spaces between the symbols and text. If you do then you won’t be able to make any text the way you want. This website is all about WhatsApp. if you have any problem with WhatsApp or WhatsApp text formatting then do comment below. Feel free to share your experience about these WhatsApp bold, italic, strikethrough text formatting


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