How to add WhatsApp Group Description


WhatsApp Group Description: Hey Guys, Welcome back again. This time I am back with the Whatsapp latest feature update for the groups. the latest version WhatsApp messenger has come up with the new feature for the WhatsApp group where you can now able to add WhatsApp Group description along with your WhatsApp name. these options are presently available on Android and Windows version only expected to release on IOS to in the upcoming days.


The text limit for the WhatsApp group description is 500 characters and you can explain about your WhatsApp group briefly along with the group rules. so this will prevent admins from sharing about the group and group rules for the people who joined the group newly.

If you didn’t find this feature on your WhatsApp then make sure you update to the latest version of WhatsApp

WhatsApp group description is very much useful for the public groups where admin shares there WhatsApp group link on other social media or other WhatsApp groups to get the group members to there group. the access to change the WhatsApp group description is sadly for all the group members hope so WhatsApp change the access to only for the admin in the upcoming days.


How to add WhatsApp Group Description

So if you want to know how to add WhatsApp group description then simply follow the below steps and learn how to set up WhatsApp group description.

  • First, open up your WhatsApp messenger and select the group of which you want to add the group description.
  • Now tap on the WhatsApp group name and you will be taken to the WhatsApp group settings page
  • Now you will find the option “Add WhatsApp group description” below the WhatsApp group name
  • So simply add the WhatsApp group description up to 500 characters and let your group members know briefly about your WhatsApp group.

Note: Anyone can change the group description so make a copy of what you wrote in the description. In case if any of the group members change the description then you can simply copy and paste it back. 

Most Common Universal WhatsApp Group rules for your Description

Here I am going to share some of the most common WhatsApp group rules which you can add to your description. these group rules are suitable for all types of group and you are free to use them in your description. simply copy them from below and past in the description.


  • Give respect to the group members and take respect.
  • You should not use foul language in the group
  • Don’t spam the group with unnecessary off-topic messages
  • You should not personally message any of the group members without there permission
  • You have no right to change the group name or group icon
  • Don’t do any type of advertisement or promotion in the group.
  • Stay active in the group if not you will be removed from the group.
  • If you have any problem with the group members or with the group them contact the group admin
  • Don’t share any type of adult content in the group
  • You should not share any type of discrimination or religious post in the group.


WhatsApp Group Description FAQ:

What is the Character Limit of WhatsApp Group Description?

The Character limit is 500

Is WhatsApp group description visible on WhatsApp group?

Yes it is visible under the group name

Can group members change the WhatsApp group description?

Depends on group settings, if you set to members then anyone from the members can change it. If you set it to only admin then only admin will be able to change it.

Where to find WhatsApp Group description?

We have explained briefly about this above. please check it there.

Can I insert URL/Link in WhatsApp Group Description?

Yes, You can.

I don’t find WhatsApp Group Description in my WhatsApp

Please update your WhatsApp to the latest version


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